by Mike Winger
Covering a lot of interesting stuff in today's study of Mark. What is the "Messianic Secret" and does it mean that Mark made stuff up about Jesus? Catholicism and the implications of Peter having a wife. Why Jesus healed the way He did and how it is like a living parable of the gospel. Answering Brian Zahnd's claim that the Jesus contradicts the Old Testament. The difference between sickness and demonic possession. The importance of personal solitude in prayer, and more. In this verse by verse study through the Gospel of Mark I will take advantage of opportunities to cover relevant theological and apologetic issues and I hope it's a blessing to you. Here's the whole Mark playlist (new videos added as I teach them weekly) If you ever want to come visit, I teach on Sunday evenings at 5pm at 16523 Bellflower Blvd. Bellflower CA 90706 Parking is in the rear and the entrance is upstairs (look for the dove). If you love this ministry and are interested in supporting it please click here. Just a few months ago I went full time with online ministry so I appreciate your help but don't feel obligated. My real goal is to continue making free content that helps people so if you don't support financially just thank God and be blessed! The Bible software I use (which people ask me about frequently) is Logos. It's available at this affiliate link and if you use the coupon code BIBLETHINKER8 you can get 10% off. If you are interested in getting a BibleThinker coffee mug, they are hand made and available here. Read the instructions for shipping details, especially if you are outside the continental US.

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