by Mike Winger
How can this “Angel of the Lord” be YHWH and not be YHWH at the same time? This is a thoughtful survey of the passages of the Bible where the angel of the LORD shows up and we seek to identify exactly WHO he is based on clues from the text. Here is the playlist for all the Jesus in the OT videos (added as they are made)


Posted on:
Wednesday, 17 October 2018
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Sarah McQueary
Mike, I had never studied the Angel of the Lord until seeing your video. It is amazing! The Bible continually amazes me. Thank you for this lesson. In one part of the lesson you mention that beginning in the second century Jewish leaders began teaching that it is heretical to speak as if the Angel of Lord was in some way God (at 11:51-12:14). I am looking for a source. I am interested in reading more about this but cannot find anything. Can you point me in the right direction? I greatly appreciate your ministry. Thank you for your time, Sarah

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