by Mike Winger
Pastor Mike Winger and SJ discuss the "contradictory" accounts of the empty tomb and Judas' death, God's omniscience and our free will, God's perfect justice and perfect mercy, early secular support for Christianity, and slavery in the Old Testament. Subscribe to Mike's YouTube channel:


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Friday, 05 April 2019
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Mike, I see that you are an extremely persuasive person - but, sadly, persuasively wrong. We are told that we were at one time "dead in our transgressions and sins". Now, is this death a physical one or spiritual one? If the death was physical, then it would be impossible for one so dead to either hear or read the written text and therefore, this death must refer to spiritual death. Would we be in agreement thus far? Now, is God's word physical or spiritual? Though his word is physically written, it must be spiritually understood. Would we be in agreement thus far? So, if you and I are spiritually dead - literally "a spiritual corpse" - how would you and I be able to become spiritually alive? From a physical perspective, how would a physically dead person be made physically alive? I will leave you with this question. Sincerely, Dell

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