by Mike Winger
Rather than offer a blanket endorsement or rejection of the song "Reckless" this video goes into a thoughtful study of the meaning of "Reckless". We'll look at some great lyrics as well as some concerning ones and we'll allow Cory Asbury to explain why he used the word "reckless" to describe the love of God. I'll also be really honest about my concerns


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Tuesday, 17 July 2018
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Kaneh Merryman
Thank you so much for this teaching! I have been listening to all of your teachings and really appreciate your no nonsense, clear approach. I listen to videos while I work, because I don't have a lot of time to read, but it's challenging to find truthful teachers who don't add a lot of unnecessary attitudes or comments. I don't mean that negatively, but I want to be taught, not belittled and shouted at because preachers are angry. Sorry, that's getting more negative, huh? anyway, while I love listening to videos, I need your teachings in written form to send to Christian inmates who are trying to seek God. In prison, there are a wide variety of false religions and false teachings and it's challenging, to say the least. TV preachers don't help much, and inmates are so limited in their resources. Some 'sermon notes' that I find are merely outlines and don't make the awesome points that are spoken during the sermons. Can you recommend written materials which I can print and mail to inmates to help them learn the true gospel from the false prosperity gospel, the false new age religion, etc. etc? I can print and mail documents, but if books are purchased they must be sent directly from the supplier and can only be delivered by USPS. I've had some books rejected by the prisons because the supplier mailed it another way than through USPS. Anyway, thanks so much for your clear teachings, I am enjoying learning very much!

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