by Mike Winger
Every cult and false religion challenges the Trinity and a lot of Christians don't have answers. This will be a simple but detailed examination of how we support the Trinity with the Bible AND how to answer 7 of the typical questions that generally stumble Christians on the topic of the Trinity.


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Sunday, 09 June 2019
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Malcolm Haynes
I sent this to you a while back, but as I sent it it came up with an error message. So i’ll ask again not to bug you, but just incase it did not send. I loved your youtube on the Trinity and I agree with everything you said, the problem I have is I can see that The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit are one, there is so much Biblical evidence… But (dramatic music is heard) although we are told so many times about the three members in the Trinity, I see four members in the Trinity. By using the same logic as we do for Jesus being God and the Holy Spirit being God, I see the same for The Angel of the LORD. He is constantly being seen as an angel then He reveals that He id God Himself. Many people tell me that The Angel of the LORD is Jesus, but no one can show this Biblically . If anything, in my view, if we are to insist the there are only three in the Trinity and it is better to say that the Holy Spirit is the Angel of the LORD as he is more a ship shifter; eg revealing Himself as a dove, a burning bush , flames on people’s heads (?) etc… I am not saying that God has reviled this to me while wearing my mystic spectacles or holy underpants, this is just logical to me. As James White says in his excellent book, “The forgotten Trinity” p28 - “I do not believe in the Trinity because it is “traditional” to do so. I believe in it for the same reason Athanasius did so long ago: the scriptures compelled me to this conclusion. I highly respect your teachings and so ask you to either show me how right or wrong I am Biblically. Thank you so much Malcolm Haynes

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