by Mike Winger
You have my undivided attention! I will be answering your questions from the live chat. While I like to focus on theology and apologetics I will also take questions related to other issues. Do you know how much content I have available on YouTube? I have over 250 videos. Check out my channel or to see if I have something that may be of help to you!


Posted on:
Sunday, 07 October 2018
Posted by:
reyes moreno
i really enjoy -ur- you-tube sermons- god bless-u-, - reyes.
Posted on:
Tuesday, 16 October 2018
Posted by:
Taylor Horton
Mike, I really enjoy your videos and the information that you give in them. I know that you work really hard at gathering all the information that you do. I work hard on gathering information for my own studies, let alone collaborating them all together and presenting them in a way that is easy to follow and understand in the way that you do. I love your heart and your humility in the way that you rebuke false ideas and notions that others claim about the Bible. Many of us can learn more on how to rebuke with love and gentleness. I was curious as to what your set-up looks like for your webcasting. I'm trying to set up my own tech and I'm looking for pointers about which tech to use and what software to use for the editing on your videos. Let me know. Thanks, Taylor

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