by Mike Winger
This video refutes, with scripture, the teaching of Steven Anderson. I focus on the gospel and a biblical analysis of his teaching as well as trying to offer real clarity on the topic of homosexuality. I hope that this video helps Christians and non-Christians to better understand the biblical view of these issues. Even if we don't agree, it is good to get clarity and to show that Steven Anderson's doctrine is not biblical. Links: Video evaluating different Bible translations Playlist for understanding textual issues and how we know what the New Testament originally said My recent video on whether repentance is part of gospel preaching (and what it means) To support this ministry please click here. Thank you, your support literally makes it possible for me to do ministry (and eat food). Live Streams every Tuesday at 5pm PT


Posted on:
Monday, 29 July 2019
Posted by:
Joshua Lindsey
Thanks for the video Mike. I believe it is important to point out Anderson as his movement is leading many who I believe legitimately want to be Bible thinkers astray when they think he teaches it. I appreciate your ministry. God bless.

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