by Mike Winger
LOOK HERE! This is the list of questions with time stamps to each one! (for mobile users I will put this list as the first comment so you can click the time stamps) 0:33 Why does the Bible say to test God yet also tells us not to test God? 10:55 Is the seal on the foreheads of those in Revelation 7 a physical seal? 14:14 Why did God create all this? 17:04 Did God create all things in seven 24-hour days? 23:29 Are morals subjective or objective? 33:00 A question about Satan’s realm and Hell. 37:27 When was Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem? 38:09 Regarding Daniel 9, how does one get from 444BC to 30AD by adding 483 years? 41:04 Why do Christians celebrate Christmas on December 25th? 47:32 Who was Saint Nicholas? 49:21 What is “the time of the Gentiles” 52:39 Were people in the Old Testament times saved by works of the Law? 54:48 Are you still saved if you live after the flesh

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