by Mike Winger
Examining the Bible to find out who Melchizedek was and how he relates to Jesus. Some think he was a Christophany and others that he is just a type of Christ. I will lay out some reasons for why I see him as a type of Christ and we will learn some principles to add to our tool kit for finding other types of Christ in the Old Testament. Melchizedek shows up out of nowhere in Genesis 14 and then, in Psalm 110 we hear a promise from God that the Messiah will be a priest after the order of Melchizedek. Finally, the book of Hebrews offers us divinely inspired commentary on the nature of Melchizedek, and that is where the real debate lies. Is Hebrews speaking of Melchizedek in a literal sense or in a literary sense when it says "without father without mother and without genealogy"?

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