by Mike Winger
Does 2 Corinthians 5:14-15 teach Limited Atonement? Does it teach Universalism? Does 1 John 2:2 present a challenge to Limited Atonement? Disclaimer - This is not a comprehensive discussion of these topics but I have gathered some questions I have been sent about a few specific passages of scripture dealing with limited atonement (the L in the Calvinist TULIP) and universalism (the idea that all people will be saved). I expect many of my brethren who are Calvinists to disagree with a lot of what I say in this video. You are more than welcome to share your disagreement in the comments and I appreciate you doing so in a manner representing our common faith in Christ. If you love this ministry and want to help me continue to produce free content teaching people to think biblically about everything then click here. If you want one of the new BibleThinker coffee mugs they are avaiable here (be sure to read the info at that link for instructions on shipping discounts and how to ship outside the continental US).

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