by Mike Winger
The book "A Manual for Creating Atheists" has sparked an entire movement of atheists with a special set of tools which are supposed to help people restore their "sense of wonder". But I'm wondering if this continual misrepresentation of facts and reason is actually brainwashing the very people it purports to help. If you are into "Street Epistemology" then I hope you will watch and consider the following. I've spent many hours interacting with people who use some form of Street Epistemology (Pine Creek, Paulogia, etc.) and I have some things I'd like to share about it. Here's the link for the live stream on Capturing Christianity (Jon, Cam and I talk about our series on 20 arguments against God). My video on how faith is not belief without evidence My special guests, in the order they appeared Tim Barnett Jon McCray Cameron Bertuzzi Greg Koukl

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