by Mike Winger
Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference: 1. 2:16 If Jesus is not the Father, why did He say He was in John 14: 9? 2. 7:06 Does God, at times, want a believer to be wealthy, pursue wealth, have a big house, or buy an expensive car? Would you trust someone whose prophecy is weighted toward wealth and success? 3. 11:40 There’s a video going around by Creation Liberty Evangelism, that the word ‘repent’ (metanoia) means “godly grief and sorrow”. Is there any merit to this teaching? 4. 16:55 Do you have any study tips for someone starting to dig deeper into the Bible? (Note taking tips, how to determine whether a source is credible, questions to ask while studying…etc.) 5. 20:38 Matthew 27 mentions saints being raised from the dead. No one else mentions this, even in the other gospels. Why? 6. 25:05 What were your thoughts on the debate you moderated between Hovind and Garte? 7. 27:12 Do you believe that those who teach false doctrines (for ex., that homosexual relations are o.k.) are in a sense rejecting the true Jesus/true gospel since they preach something counter to the gospel? 8. 31:55 Is there any secular historical or archaeological evidence for the Exodus? 9. 33:29 Could you please comment on 1 Timothy 2: 11-15 about women being “silent” and not having authority in church, particularly about how they are “saved through childbirth” in verse 15? 10. 44:37 People claim that the idea of a pre-trib rapture was made up very recently and was not originally believed by the early church fathers. Is there any validity to this claim? 11. 45:16 Should I stay in a church where they use materials by false teachers, or are reluctant to address the issues of false teachings/teachers? 12. 47:43 What are your thoughts on being “slain in the Spirit/drunk in the Spirit”, and in regards to tongues, are the “unknown utterances” that Paul talked about the same as what people call “tongues” today? 13. 53:56 Are ghosts real, or are they evil spirits? 14. 55:03 Have you heard of the International Christian Church? They seem to have a legalistic doctrine that controls and manipulates their members. What do you think? 15. 56:27 I’ve heard different takes on the connection between the rapture and the 3rd temple. Some people say the temple has to be built prior to rapture, and others say it doesn’t. Where do you stand? 16. 57:25 What is the biblical view on women teaching men in a pastoral role or having a leadership position in church? 17. 59:09 How would you evangelize to a pantheist and prove pantheism false? And how would you evangelize to a polytheist (such as a Hindu) to prove their religion false? 18. 1:01:19 Does the baptism of the Holy Spirit happen at salvation, or after? 19. 1:02:30 Why does Jesus refer to Mary’s God as "His God" in John 17? 20. 1:04:03 What are your thoughts on preterism? 21. 1:05:49 Are Christian head coverings biblical? I just got back from vacation and I am unable to prepare content for tonight's live stream so I'm doing a Q&A instead. I hope this will be beneficial for you and that you will have some of your own questions answered. As always, the goal is to learn how to think biblically about everything and if I don't know the answer to a question I reserved the right (and have the responsibility) to just tell you I don't know. I try to make all my content free and available to everyone but if you love this ministry and want to support my continued work then please visit this link on my site.

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