by Mike Winger
Most people don't realize that there are lot of good reasons to think Christianity is true. This video is meant to introduce you to a bunch of them and to help you get thinking about something called "the cumulative case for Christianity". Check the rest of this description for links to further resources you can use to learn to better master these arguments. Jonathan McLatchie's links - YouTube channel and his web site More on PROPHECY in my "Evidence for the Bible" playlist. The UNITY OF THE BIBLE is taught in depth in this series on "Jesus in the Old Testament" Learn about UNDESIGNED COINCIDENCES briefly in this YT video OR in detail in the wonderful book by Lydia McGrew (Amazon affiliate link) For a resource on the GENERAL RELIABILITY OF THE GOSPELS please see Peter Williams NEW book (I've read it and it is fantastic) (Amazon affiliate link) Also see a video lecture by him with less information than the book. For the HISTORICITY OF THE BOOK OF ACTS check out this book. (Amazon affiliate link) it is quite pricey but thorough. Here is a short video by Dr. Craig Keener summarizing some of these points For NATURAL THEOLOGY (philosophical and science related arguments for God) see the following. -- William Lane Craig's books - "On Guard" is a more pop-level work (affiliate) whereas "Reasonable Faith" is much more in challenging and equally rewarding. (affiliate) Here are links to specific videos related to Natural Theology arguments. -- Kalam Cosmological. Short clip the same but in greater detail -- The Leibnizian Cosmological Argument -- The Ontological Argument briefly explained and here given in great detail with objections answered. -- Fine Tuning in Biology -- Fine Tuning of Our Universe. Short video explanation Long video defending this in detail. Argument from philosophy for the Trinity. Short clip here In greater detail here (affiliate) -- Argument from the Resurrection of Jesus. Lecture by Dr. William Lane Craig I hope these resources are of great use to you and that they lead you or help you lead others to Jesus. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life and no one comes to the Father except through Him. He is the central truth we need to know so that we can be forgiven by God and receive relationship with God and eternal life. Its simple, and its true. If you want to help me (Mike Winger) continue producing free ministry content online then consider clicking here.

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