by Mike Winger
How could you prove that God has communicated to us? What would be a reasonable way to show that God has spoken? This video answers that question and deals with false prophecies in preparation for the next video in this series where we will begin to look at fulfilled prophecy in the Bible as proof that God has spoken


Posted on:
Friday, 02 August 2019
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Lupe Flores
hey Mike love your teaching. It's really encouraging. I've been a believer for years and it's getting harder to find good sound doctrinal teaching. Only one request from you/your ministry I'm deaf and not all your videos are closed captioned. can a transcript be included on those videos that aren't CC'ed? Would really help me a lot. Also have you read of any of Arnold Frutenbaums books? Footsteps of the Messiah and his most recent Harmony of the Gospels from the First century Jewish perspective. Both are I think you'll love. in Christ Lupe

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